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    Houston County Lake (not to be confused with Lake Houston) is a 1330 acre spring fed lake that is nestled in the creeks and hills of the Texas Forest Country.

    The lake is a constant level lake and has more consistent water levels than most area lakes.

    It's a great lake for recreational boating and fishing with an almost 60/40% split of open water and fishing structure (fishing is approx. 60%)

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    The lake is conveniently located between Houston, Dallas, Austin and Shreveport making it the perfect meeting spot for families and friends. Houston County Lake is bordered by the towns of Crockett, Grapeland and Latexo.


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Please read some interesting facts about Houston County Lake

Perhaps one thing that makes HCL so special is the water feeding the lake. Unlike most area lakes that are fed from large, and often dirty tributaries, HCL is fed by year round springs, creeks, and Little Elkhart Creek. The springs help keep the lake cooler in all but the driest of weather. There are no gates at the dam, instead there is an overflow "donut", when water gets too high it flows into the hole feeding the creek below the dam (the donut allows enough water to escape to keep the stream fed). This keeps HCL at levels much higher than the majority of lakes in Texas, especially in periods of severe drought.

The first thing most people notice is the water clarity, though it is stained from iron ore deposits it has much better clarity than almost any lake in the area. The lake has been a popular swimming hole for locals since it was impounded in 1965. Legend tells a story of workers clearing the main part of the lake after construction of the dam. Locals tell of heavy rains causing the lake to fill up much quicker than hoped for. Due to the rapid filling of the lake they were unable to get some of the machinery out and the lake filled burying the tractors under the waters of the newly formed lake.

Welcome To Houston County Lake! Enjoy the nature!

The lake has many subdivisons and is becoming increasingly developed as growth in the major cities spreads. It is still in early stages of development and is far from the likes of a Lake Conroe of Lewisville. It still has and will continue to have the small town charm for many years.

Technical data on the lake

  • located 9 miles outside of historic Crockett Texas
  • was impounded in 1965
  • approx. 1330 acres
  • there is a modern T.P.W.D.  boat launch  at the dam. It is free to launch and has free parking. There is also a launch at the  Crockett Family Resort
  • there is no gas, food or stores on the lake. (Closest is Crockett @ 9 miles) so shop first. There is a small store with limited supplies at Crockett Family Resort
  • there are no boat rentals on H.C.L.  Rentals are available in Dallas and sometimes Houston
  • Verizon phones work great, ATT in some areas with Sprint not working at all (Our feedback)
  • lodging is available at

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