Any Questions?

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Can I rent a boat?

No, there are kayaks available with house rentals from Vacation County Rentals People have been known to rent boats in Houston and Dallas and haul them here.

Are there boat ramps?

Yes, there is a modern launch at the dam that opens to the clear part of the lake. There is also a launch at Crockett family Resort that charges a small fee.

Is there gas on the lake?

No gas. There is a small store with limited supplies and bait at the Crockett Family Resort.

How far is the lake from Houston, Dallas and surrounding cities?

(Google Maps)
Houston:       From Downtown Houston it is 126 miles, 2 hours & 4 minutes
Dallas:        From Downtown Dallas it is 165 miles, 2 hours & 29 minutes
Austin:        From Downtown Austin it is 182 miles, 3 hours & 16 minutes
Beaumont:      144 miles  2 hours 31 minutes
Shreveport La:   159 miles  2 hours 44 minutes
Lake Charles La: 200 miles  3 hours 19 minutes
Alexandria La:   213 miles  3 hours 38 minutes

Are there stores and hotels in town?

We have 3 supermarkets (one a Walmart Super Center) fast food, sit down restaurants, auto parts stores, antique shops and more.

Is there public access to the lake?

Not really, there is a pier by the boat launch that people swim off. There is no other public access on the lake.

Does the lake dry up?

H.C.L. is a constant level lake. It had no dam, instead having a donut the water mostly flows over. Being spring fed it is rare for water to drop much more than a foot. When Lakes in Dallas, Houston and Austin are down 6-30' we might be down 12-16 inches.

Is it a good kayaking lake?

Absolutely. The many coves, two islands and well protected, sparsely inhabited areas make it a prime kayaking lake.

Do I need a fishing license, need to wear a lifejacket?

Yes, the laws regarding fishing licenses are available online. Lifejackets are required by law. Game wardens do patrol the lake and will issue expensive tickets for violations. Read up on the rules!

Can I get more information on the lake and surrounding areas?

Yes, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible. email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I find a map of the lake?

Maps of the lake are very difficult to find. We order them in larger amounts as a courtesy to our guests and visitors. Email us at
lake information@ They may also be available at Pops Bait House or the Campground.

Are there stumps, can i bring my boat?

Yes there are. Almost 60% of the lake is great for fishing but is stumpy. It can be a tricky lake for recreational boating if you are not familiar with it. Try and familiarize yourself with the danger spots or get a map. Many times other boats can be followed until you get the hang of the lake. Obviously, it's not an issue for Bass boats or kayaks while fishing or paddling. The stumps give protection from the noise and traffic that many lakes suffer from. They provide a nice shield for those preferring peace and quiet.