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Fishing Gallery

Foggy morning on the lake

The cool air and warmer waters create a blanket of fog that covers the lake.

Fishing with Friends

Fisherman seeking that lunker Bass in one of the lakes many coves.

Winter fishing

We don't think there is a bad time to fish Houston County Lake. Water depths exceed 40' in the main part of the lake.

Old dock

The beauty of the lake can be found in many forms, from wildlife, sunsets and fall colors. This picture shows the remnants of an old pier.

Fishing at the lake

Whether fishing with a fly rod orĀ spin cast, you can always find that quiet cove on this uncrowded hidden gem.


There is no better way to tour, fish and photograph the lake than with a kayak. You won't be sorry, the lake is beautiful.


This is the lake record catfish caught by Frank Smith. It weighed in at over 90 pounds.

Fishing dad and son

What better way to re-establish that bond with your kids than fishing? The look in a child's eyes when hooking that enormous fish (they all are to the kids) is a great feeling as a parent.

Fishing at night

H.C.L. is large enough to fish for weeks but small enough to avoid most of the dangers of larger lakes with rough open water. The most peaceful time to fish can be early morning or evenings.


This cat is practicing casting between naps, all while watching its favorite fishing show.