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Fishing and wildlife at the lake

Equally as impressive as the recreational boating is the tremendous area and quality of the lakes fishing structure.  From trophy bass and catfish to crappie and perch you're almost sure to catch a stringer full of fish.
It's a common sight to see groups of fly fisherman in their kayaks working the shoreline in search of record Redear Sunfish. Clubs from Austin, Houston and Dallas frequent the lake for their tournaments.
Bass boats meander  through the coves seeking that elusive trophy Bass. Sometimes you’ll see a boat tied over a brush pile, pulling in Crappie as quickly as they can unhook them and bait a new line.
It's not uncommon to see people setting trot lines in hopes of catching a monster catfish. A few years back a H.C.L. resident caught an 84 pound catfish on a trot line.
For those seeking to get away from it all, there are two islands and some incredible undeveloped areas of the lake towards Little Elkhart Creek. It is likely you won't see another person the whole time spent in this area. The fishing and wildlife viewing is simply incredible.

It is not uncommon for us to reel in 50 Crappie during the spawn which can be anytime in March and April or the fall around October. When the weather cools fish them deep in the main part of the lake where water depths approach 45'

Bass fishing is as good as you'll find. Whether it's schooling White Bass or the lunker Largemouth Bass. Obviously early spring is a great time but these Bass can be had year round by the tactful fisherman.


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