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Recreational water sports

While there is adequate room for recreational boating, tubing, jet skis and all your favorite water sports a good portion (over 60%)  is stumpy making fishing boats, kayaks or canoes necessary.

These are the areas, along with two islands that are best for fishing and wildlife viewing.

As mentioned, Houston County Lake is located 9 miles outside of Crockett in beautiful East Texas. The lake is largely spring fed keeping our water cooler and cleaner in all but the driest of times.
The lake is small enough that the rough waters of larger lakes aren't an issue. Of course, overcrowding is non existent even on holiday weekends (compared to other area lakes).
The main area of the lake and several coves are ideal for water sports. (Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase a map) There is a modern launch at the dam that abuts the open area of the lake.
One of our favorite activities was to find a quiet cove, anchor and swim off the boat enjoying the beautiful forest and hilly shoreline while cooling off from the summer heat. During the week it's not uncommon to be one of a few boats on the lake. That's one of the few reasons we are described as the Hidden Jewel of Texas.

The lake is also home to the Frontier Camp, a Christian youth summer camp. It's not uncommon to see groups of 12 children being pulled on a large banana tube. Just as they think they have mastered the tube ride the boat driver turns a little sharper dumping most, if not all the kids into the cool waters. These same children can be seen trying their luck at wake boarding or playfully engaged in kayaking activities.
Houston County Lake is sure to leave your family with lasting fond memories that will last a lifetime. The added bonus, it's all so close to home.

The lake is also home to Crockett Family Resort which has a small store, bait , cabins and camping.

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